Machinery Transport Ceduna

57 McKenzie Street, Ceduna SA 5690

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Machinery Transport and Towing

Ceduna Motors Towing will arrange your machinery transport and your heavy machinery transport and towing. We move all machinery and heavy machinery for any purpose or when you need to move the machinery from one place to another.

We will tow or relocate your machinery on a tray truck safely and quickly for repairs or to a new location.

We will tow or transport your heavy machinery from and to anywhere around Ceduna and surrounding towns If you need moving to somewhere else in SA or any where in Australia we can arrange that through our towing network.

If it’s a breakdown we can get it to your repairer of choice in whatever town you want or into Ceduna Towing for repair.

No big deal – heavy machinery from Point A to point B – we’ll get it done quickly, safely, and at a great price.

Machinery Towing and Transport –  24 Hour Towing

We’ll tow your machinery in or around Ceduna.

Forklifts | Machinery | Elevated Work Platforms | Hire Equipment | Lifting Platforms | Man Lifts | Drilling Machinery | Agricultural Machinery | Other Machinery


Call: 08 8626 9123


Ceduna Motors gives 24 hour roadside assistance in the case of a breakdown.

Flat battery | Emergency petrol | Quick Mechanical Fix | Lost Keys

When our mechanic can’t fix your car, caravan or truck on the spot, we’ll have a tow truck there quickly.


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